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Wellness is a lifelong pursuit and it has many facets.  The Lewis Corner will help you understand the in’s and out’s of wellness and all it’s many sides including fitness, health, eating well, herbal remedies, and how to fit it into a busy lifestyle!

The Lewis Corner’s Creator and Owner, Brooke is pursuing a career in the Kinesiology field as a Fitness & Wellness Specialist and Certified Exercise Physiologist.  She is passionate about wellness and loves to explore making and eating culinary arts of all kinds.

Brooke has an extensive past of not being able to lose weight, trying all different kinds of diets and exercise routines, being put on medication for a disease she may or may not have had since no testing was done to validate the diagnosis, and figuring out how to come off the medication, lose the weight, and keep it off, all while enjoying her chocolate!

Brooke also has experience in evaluating, leading, and coaching wellness to a variety of populations. This includes modifying schedules to find those five minutes to take a breather, switching up grocery lists to include healthier foods that are enjoyable and budget friendly, walking clients through stress relieving techniques, and giving clients the tools they need to improve their lives.

Brooke has experience in leading, teaching, and participating in resistance training, HIIT, cross fit, yoga, meditation, group fitness classes, running, swimming, soccer, and water polo, and continues to engage in most of these activities.  She is currently engages in Olympic lifting and yoga.

Brooke is most passionate about creating and maintaining a wholesome, healthy, and well-balanced lifestyle for herself, her family, and those she can influence. Her personal motto,

“On again, the virtue lies in the struggle, not the prize,”

lends itself well to every aspect of her life, and, through it, she tries to help others understand the value of hard work, especially when it leads to a healthier lifestyle.


**All material posted on or through The Lewis Corner, and it’s affiliate social media, is the property of Brooke Lewis and is not to be shared or copied without proper citing.**

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