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Stretch & Strengthen: The 30 Second Killer

Stretch & Strengthen: The 30 Second Killer

Exercising does wonders for the body!  It can lower your stress hormones, increase alertness, increase energy, increase blood flow, help manage weight and appetite, lowers cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, and the list goes on and on!

So, why don’t more people exercise regularly?  Science is still trying to nail that one down.  However, two of the most common reasons people say they don’t exercise is lack of time, and lack of knowledge.

Let’s be real.  I have a friend who works full time, goes to school full time, and still manages to cook homemade meals and vigorously exercises for at least an hour every day.  If she can do that, you can take 30 minutes out of your day to do a 10 minute workout.

It really just comes down to planning out your day.

  • Make extra dinner to be able to take it for lunch the next day so you don’t have to go buy food during lunch time.  Use that time to exercise instead.
  • Wake up 30 minutes earlier and exercise before you shower.
  • Make an “appointment” for exercise at work so no one bothers you at that time.  Bring your exercise clothes to work so you don’t have an excuse.
  • Get a buddy and go for a walk during your lunch hour or right after or before work.
  • Sign up for an exercise class you’re really interested in that’s at the same time on specific days of the week.  If you’re paying for it, you’re more likely to attend the class.
  • Make a goal with your spouse or friend and hold each other responsible and support each other.  You’re more likely to adhere to a program when being held responsible by or participating  with another person

Block the time!  Make a plan!  Prepare!

Most fitness centers will offer express classes.  These classes last about 30 minutes total.  The breakdown consists of a five minute warm up, twenty minute work out, and a five minute cool down.  Don’t be late though!  They start right on time!

My Stretch & Strengthen classes are express classes.  However, since we need to incorporate more stretching than five minutes of a cool down will allow to do the class name justice, our breakdown consists of a five minute warm up, ten minute workout, five minute cool down, and ten minutes of stretching and practicing yoga poses.

This last class we decided to work on perfecting the Warrior III pose.  Any pose on one foot is a challenge, however, my class did amazingly well!  Maybe we’ll have to try an even harder one once they master this one.  If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it.  It takes a lot of balance and strength to properly execute it.  Send me a picture of you and your friends doing it and I’ll feature you!

Given that I teach in an office building during lunch hour for the convenience of the employees, we do not have any equipment.  This workout only uses body weight, but can be adjusted to include weight.  Each participant can go at their own level given the movements are based off time, not reps or weight, and it has lots of variation to keep you interested throughout the whole workout!

And, for the workout of the day, here it is!

5 Minute Warm Up

10 Minute Work Out:

4x’s through: (take a 30 sec break at 5 min)

  • 30 sec Jump Squats
  • 30 sec Plank
  • 30 sec Cannon Balls
  • 30 sec Mountain Climbers
  • 30 sec Supermans

5 Minute Cool Down


Let me know how the workout goes!  I’d love to hear from you.

Share your two cents!